Bicycle Service

We have stopped retail hours in the Frankfort and Shelbyville areas to focus on personalized service.

Our service centers are by apppointment only allowing us to provide you with one on one interactions.

We offer both drop offs and pickups!


Basic Tune Up    $75

Regular service checkup to keep the bike running smoothly. We adjust gears and brakes, true wheels, check torque, check drivetrain and bearing wear.

Overhaul    $200

In addition to the basic tuneup we true and round wheels, removed and clean drivetrain, remove and grease bearings, replace cables, and perform a full bike cleaning.

Bike Assembly    $50-75

If you purchase a bike online, we can build the bike for you to ensure the bike is assembled correctly.

Bike Boxing    $75

If you are shipping your bike, it is important to box it properly for transportation. We can box your bike to increase the odds of your bike reaching its destination unscathed.

Wheel Truing    $20-35

If your wheel has a slight wobble or rubs against your break pads it can be out of true. Our wheel truing service an fix the problem.

Tube Install    $20

Have a flat tire? We can replace it for you. Price includes cost of standard tube. Additional fees for non standard tubes.

Adjustments    $20

Does your brake pads rub? Is your shifting not as crisp as you would like? We can make adjustments to your brakes and shifting systems to clear these problems.

Brake Bleed    $45/65

If your hydraulic disc brakes have too much play in the levers, it means air has entered the system and the brakes need to be bled. $45 for single / $65 for pair.


In Frankfort, you can ask a question or schedule an appointment online using the link below for the Frankfort Service Center or you can contact us at 502.209.8069

In Shelbyville, you can schedule an appointment by calling 502.220.4136